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Business Transactions, Contracts & Corporate Law
  • Negotiated terms in multi-million dollar business transactions, financing and security agreements, and business sale agreements (stock purchase and asset purchase agreements) for numerous commercial entities and individuals

  • Drafted and negotiated ommercial contracts, including but not limited to, owner/contractor/subcontractor/architect agreements, commercial and residential leases, employment agreements, consulting agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements, release and indemnity agreements, computer software licensing and distribution agreements, buy-sell agreements, stock purchase agreements, mergers and reorganizations, and inter-local agreements

  • Helped establish business entities (corporations, partnerships, L.P.’s, L.L.C.’s)

  • Completed IRS filings for nine or more non-profit organizations seeking 501(c) (3) status

2010 - present

2010 - present

  • Prepared client hundreds of wills, trusts and various estate planning documents (e.g. medical and financial powers of attorney, directives to physicians, HIPPA )

  • Probated estates (both dependent and independent administrations)

  • Represented and advised clients regarding probate and estate planning issues (including but not limited to community property issues, homestead rights, gifts, vesting, fiduciary responsibilities, POD and survivorship rights, life insurance, will contests)

  • Litigated will contests

  • Represented parties in guardianship proceedings

  • Led lay estate planning seminars

Estate Planning, Probate, Wills & Trusts
  • Prepared church bylaws and formation documents

  • Provided legal counsel in all aspects of church construction and church financing transactions

  • Assisted with development of child abuse prevention and policies for churches

  • Provided legal guidance regarding church policy and procedure

  • Drafted documents for multitude of church real property transactions

  • Involved with extended negotiation with municipalities regarding platting of church property, construction and zoning questions, required property dedication, traffic impact disputes, and RUILPA issues

Church Law and Policy
  • Provided title and lien examination in various contexts, including property tax collection litigation

  • Served as licensed escrow officer

  • Represented creditors and debtors in foreclosure proceedings on real estate lien notes and deeds of trust

  • Litigated forcible detainers (eviction suits) and obtained numerous writs of possessions

  • Assisted contractors in preparing notices and filing of mechanic’s liens

  • Negotiated real property agreements, including but not limited to, commercial and residential construction contracts, commercial and residential leases, assignment contracts, sale contracts and deeds, security agreements, and easements

  • Represented clients in property boundary disputes

  • Litigated real property appraisal contest involving church property

  • Represented clients with tax exemption issues related to religious uses of real property

  • Drafted, advised, and litigated regarding restrictive covenants and homeowners’ association agreements

  • Represented school districts in delinquent ad valorem tax collection lawsuits and tax foreclosure sales

  • Negotiated and litigated condemnations related to oil and gas easements

Real Property
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